A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a puzzle/platforming game based on the core mechanics of that you bounce around by hitting blocks. The blocks with arrows on them will push you in diffrent directions and can be a hindrance or be there to help you.

The Game is currently under development but there is a beta/demo version you can try the basic concept of the game and gameplay (version 0.7).

Right now there is only a WebGL build (see link below) and a windows build. We are always looking for feedback and making improvements on the game, feel free to drop a comment below.

Controlling the game

  • Move with Left/Right arrow keys or A/D
  • R key to reset (kill yourself)
  • Escape to go back to level select
  • Enter/Space for next level on level complete screen

Links & Stuff

Team Jape Website

Unity WebGL (Play Now, in Browser, v0.7)

Install instructions

  1. Download zip
  2. Extract zip
  3. Open Folder
  4. Run .exe (windows)
  5. ???
  6. Profit


SMB2 (Demo/Beta, v0.7).zip 30 MB


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really nice game :)

I really like it. It looks like it could really become something great if you keep working on it and adding more interesting levels and mechanics. Well done.

Thanks, really hoping to get more free time to work on this game soon.

Can't wait! :D

I really like this, but it needs a colorblind option! The straight-up with left-blocks that push you into the lasers is impossible to read, the blocks look identical to me :(


Oh, thats nothing we even thought about but it makes sense. Will definitely look into it. Thanks for pointing it out.